Jazz Sabbath

Jazz Sabbath CD cover by Grady Myers

What’s in a name? For Jazz Sabbath, the name says it all. The “Jazz” exposes the deep improvisation immersion that has been our guiding force for the last 20 years. The “Sabbath” is indeed a nod to those that came before in the form of arguably the most dynamic and irreverent rock band ever: Black Sabbath. We strive to be all that in our different personal experiences as well as our group shared experience. We simply invite music to the party and let her have her way with us. The results are recorded in part to share with the world and in part to share with ourselves so we can see where we’ve been and where we might like to go next time. The process is visible and evident in the natural progression from our eponymous first album through Venus in Transit, and to our latest album as yet unnamed.

We’ve found our new voice and you can hear within it the search and progression for what comes next. But “search” is not the correct word to describe the journey. We insist on being the vessel and we acknowledge we are not the contents. The contents are delivered through us and not because of us. The sounds you hear have been with us for ever. They are a part of everything we are and have observed. When we discover them, we let them out. We are the sounds of what we see and the vision of what we hear. It’s music and she’s found a very comfortable refuge in Jazz Sabbath.

Venus in Transit cover by Grady Myers

Wonder Spabby from Venus in Transit

Jazz Sabbath Live in Berkeley

Jazz Sabbath Live in Berkeley


Cover art for Jazz Sabbath albums created by Grady Myers.